Planning for your Trip

Our boat moored on the dock at the pickup location

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Safety and the weather:

The safety of our guests is of the utmost importance. We monitor the weather closely leading up to and during your trip. If it is deemed unsafe, we will cancel the charter and offer a refund of the deposit or an opportunity to reschedule.
            - Morning departures - A go/no-go decision will be made the evening before departure, between 7pm and 7:30pm. Please watch for an incoming text or email and confirm receipt promptly.            
              - Afternoon departures - A go/no-go decision will be made between 10:30am and 11 am the same day of your departure. Please watch for an incoming text or email and confirm receipt promptly.

Paying for your charter:

Payment can be made in advance using etransfer ( or credit/debit card using our self-checkout,

Or payment can be made at the time of boarding.                      
On board,
- we accept cash,                      
- debit card,                    
- credit card

Cancellation policy:

Your deposit is refundable if you cancel 2 weeks or more ahead of your charter, OR if the Captain cancels at any time. If you need to cancel, we understand, just try and do it as early as possible to allow other anglers the opportunity to go fishing.

Fishing licences:

All guests 18 and over, up to 65 years old must have a fishing licence valid for the day of your trip, a one-day sports fishing licence is sufficient. These can be purchased online.  Go to for full details, and note that the rules are different for Canadian and non-Canadian residents.

If you or your guests are buying a one-day fishing license, please be sure to wait till after the safety decision is made. There are times we do need to cancel due to weather conditions, and it would be waste to have a license for a day we cannot go out

Find more detail in our FAQ.

Fishing with kids:

If you have young ones coming on the trip, please bring life jackets for them to wear during the trip that are comfortable. The boat is fully equipped with TC approved life jackets for all guests, however they are meant for emergencies and aren’t comfortable for the little ones to wear throughout the trip.

Where to meet:

Meet at the docks located at 10072 Poplar Ave., Port Franks (formerly Christine’s).- Please arrive 15 minutes early to give us time to load the boat and leave the dock on time.
Capt. Pete will be ready for boarding 10 minutes before departure time.- See the map for more details. The link above is best viewed on a larger screen. Zoom in to see added detail.- Our boat will be moored on the dock closest to the launch ramp or at the end of that same dock. Capt. Pete will meet you at the boat. Look for a tan and white boat, with lots of fishing rods sticking up. See photo above.
There are washrooms at the launch, please see the map linked above, so you know where they are.

Where to park:

You can park on the road along Popular Ave. or Riverside Drive. On Popular Ave, there is road side parking on the East side of the road as you turn off Riverside Drive, look for the No Parking sign with a single arrow pointing toward Riverside Drive right on the corner by the Pine Tree.  See the map here... you will need to zoom in to see the detail we have added.

What to bring:

- payment method for your charter - see payment options here

- Bring your fishing licence.

- Bring sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen! I cannot stress enough how sunglasses and a hat will make your day more enjoyable, especially for the kids. The light reflecting off the water can cause motion sickness, I have seen it over and over again. Please wear them!

- Come dressed for the weather. It can be cool on the water in the morning and then warm up towards noon. Think layers and be prepared for the weather forecast.

- Pack lunch, snacks, we provide water, no glass please. NO BANANAS!!!

- If you are uncomfortable on a boat without wearing a floatation vest, please bring one that is comfortable for you or your kids to wear. We have plenty of Transport Canada approved life jackets, but they are only suitable to be worn in an emergency, they would not be comfortable to wear while fishing.

A photo of bananas with a strike through to indicated bananas are not welcome on board